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Sustainable Education & Entrepreneur Development


S.E.E.D. is a simple focus on education and empowerment of entrepreneurial skills and practices.

Teaching that the ways we create wealth and steward it are both spiritual matters - that business is spiritual and the Bible has great insight and truth into how we approach our work and creativity in that work.  In addition, we help to create the resources through the SEED Fund.


Once the first round of planting is complete the money will be returned into an in country escrow fund with our partners in Uganda to be used for the next growing season in Pigwini and then those to follow. This fund will essentially create a pool of money, a bank, that the village can use to empower others in their community in the future.


Investment Funding by Brentwood Church, Lynchurg, VA


Planting Season 1-3 & Storage

Pigwini Village


Total investment: $44,000

(35 Families originally funded)


- Food security 


- Source of self generated income

(more than $150 per month)


- Ability to payback the investment


- Opportunity to pay forward first generation seeds to other families


- Money for healthcare, education and savings


Investment of $679 per family

Funds were used strictly for purchasing seeds, tools and labor

Funds have been repaid by borrowing families at over 90%


Funds have been held in escrow, in Uganda by our national partners.

Funds are being used to resource Season 3 now.



In 2012, we stood under a tree in Northern Uganda with Pastor Aloysius and 4 men from our church. There with the leaders of what we came to know as the Pigwini Village. We committed to help the people of the Pigwini community  rebuild their community as they returned from the IDP camps of the civil war. Four years later we have seen amazing growth. We have supported the creation of clean and consistent water, early education and a school building (which is now full with 96 children), public health, feeding programs and a piggery. These efforts from our church have helped the people of Pigwini take incredible steps forward. But there is still a gap.


Our impoverished and marginalized brothers & sisters in the Pigwini community lack the resources to build a sustainable economic model for their families. Basics like food, clothing, healthcare and education are well out of their reach living on less than $1.50 a day. Led by a group of entrepreneurs and business people from our Lynchburg community, we have developed a simple opportunity to invest in a start-up fund 

that will jumpstart their future.


Through Pastor Kaze, we have identified 35 deserving families who are currently going through financial and agricultural education. These 35 families are among the poorest and most underserved people in the world. Yet they are not asking for a donation, they are simply seeking the resources necessary to plant the seed - literally. We believe farming for food and commerce is the key. Meet some of the families below:

WATCH Patrick's story

Patrick and his family in pigwini have been part of the season 1 & 2 investments.

Mr. Adong Santo
Mr. Apoka Richard and Amony Lilian
Mr. Lakonyi Francis and Aloyo Florence
Mr. Obwana Andrew and Akello Ventorina
Mr. Ojok Steward Rubanga and Angom Kevin
Mr. Okot Peter
Mr. Oloya Masindi and Kumu Suzan
Ms. Abalo Rose
Ms. Abalo Grace
Mr.Oringa Geoffrey
Mr.Omony Stephen and Aling Scovia
Mr.Ojok Alfred
Mr. Wanoko Alex
Mr. Oryema Wilson and Akongo Grace
Mr. Opira Morrish and Aber Sharon
Ms. Acaa Beatrice
Ms. Acaa Sunday
Ms. Acayo Grace
Ms. Akumu Margreat
Ms. Akwongo Getrude
Ms. Amono Nancy
Ms. Anyong Christine
Ms. Aol Vicky
Ms.Aciilo Filder
Ms. Lawino Belentina
Ms. Lalango Sicilia
Ms. Lacaa Catherine
Ms. Ayaa Ventirina
Ms. Auma Stella
Ms. Atek Irene
Ms. Apio Cony
Ms.Akello Grace
Ms.Akongo Stella
Ms.Ataro Evelyn
Meet Night's family! Learn how the SEED Program has changed their lives!
Night's Family


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Ms. Abalo Rose