Season 3 is almost complete. This season families have participated in personal and community gardens planted and harvested in Pigwini. The money has been almost completely repaid (withstanding those holding to sell later) and placed in a in country escrow fund with our partners in Uganda to be used for the next growing season in Pigwini and then those to follow. This fund is essentially a pool of money, a bank, that the village can use to empower others in their community in the future.



Season 4: Investment Details:

Funds will be used strictly for purchasing seeds, tools and labor

Funds will be repaid by borrowing families on/before July 1.

Funds will then be held escrow, in Uganda by our national partners.

Funds will then be available for future growing seasons.


Community Outcome:

Each family participating in the Seed Fund has completed a 12-month financial education program and savings plan. Each family is required to allocate their income to the following:


15% - Healthcare

10% - Education for children

5% - Savings


*With an income of more than $150 per month our brothers and sisters will generate more income than the vast majority of people in northern Uganda. This income will allow for basic needs to be met as well as creating true change in one of the poorest regions of the world.















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